Сайт помощи кошкам кожуховского приюта

Пусть мы не сможем спасти всё, что нам бы хотелось.
Но мы спасём намного больше, чем те, кто даже не пытается! (Питер Скотт)

Cats lack of communication, affection, attention very much! Regular communication with you will help animals to restore the confidence in humans, and thus increases their chances of finding a home and new owners.

Cats and we, the volunteers, badly need help with public relations, whose purpose is to find new owners for cats in the Kozhukhovsky shelter.
What to do: to publish information on the Internet and print media, to keep blogs, to post up ads, the main thing is to draw attention to the fact that cats can and should be taken from the shelters!

Cats will be very grateful if you bring them beds, scratching posts, houses, mats and toys.

Unfortunately, visitors cannot bring their own food according to the rules of the shelter. Centralized purchasing of pet food by the means of volunteers is possible only from time to time, due to the lack of space in the shelter’s warehouse.

Cats in the shelter are always looking for beds, scratching posts, slicker brushes, fillers for toilets, toys etc.
We gladly accept pet carriers (even if not new, but clean), which are necessary to transport the cats from the shelter to the hotels, from the hotels to the animal clinic etc.

If you can help cats financially, you can transfer funds to "the cats’ moneybox", from which we finance the tests for the exported cats and, if necessary, for their treatment.

Cats' moneybox:

Paypal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions you can contact Nadine, Switzerland on the same address

Volunteers are always ready to answer your questions concerning the help for the Kozhukhovsky shelter’s cats.