Сайт помощи кошкам кожуховского приюта

Пусть мы не сможем спасти всё, что нам бы хотелось.
Но мы спасём намного больше, чем те, кто даже не пытается! (Питер Скотт)

This site was created by volunteers with the single purpose - to save the lives of cats belonging to a municipal shelter in Kozhukhovo (Moscow). We are trying to find them a new home and loving owners.

More than 100 cats are suffering in the municipal shelter in Kozhukhovo. All of the shelter’s inhabitants dream of only one thing - to find a new home and loving owners.

In the shelter the cats are under extreme stress because of their abandonement and an alien environment. The cages are overcrowded, there are diseases and the cheapest pet food "Vaska"cause diseases and the falling out of hair and teeth.... There is no chance to get out! And they really, really want to go home, hoping and waiting. And when they lose their hope - they are still waiting…

We are their only chance for survival and to find a new life.

Unfortunately, in our country, people are afraid of taking cats from shelters. In fact, everyone can save an animal from a shelter and give it a new life, warmth, affection and attention!

Believe us, animals give back as much as you give them. They will give you their souls, hearts and become the most devoted of your friends!

DO NOT PASS BY, DO NOT BE INDIFFERENT, do not let these animals die abandoned, betrayed and forgotten! Any, even the smallest of your help can be just a happy chance thanks to which a cat will find a new home.